– Short Summary (EN): is a comprehensive response to training, certification and consulting needs and demands of our customers. We offer more than 120 different courses, 5 different certification options and a wide selection of domestic and foreign professional consultants.
Learning services is based on the idea that education is not only participation in courses - it is one of the critical factors of success of organizations. Today's business is changing rapidly and runs in a highly competitive environment, therefore organizations need highly skilled and knowledgeable employees to be successful. Our services are geared towards supporting our customers in achieving these goals. We offer a wide range of services and programmes that fully meet your business goals and strategy.
Services are offered in a variety of formats (classroom, e-course or webinar) and, when necessary, their content can be fully adapted to you and your organization's needs. We believe that we have the experts and knowledge to offer you our services in a form that suits your organization.
Testing and Certification
Educational services are fully complemented with the services of the world's leading examination centers. Testing and examinations are offered via accredited centers of Prometric, VUE, Castle. Depending on the type of educational services we can also arrange testing and certifications for other organizations, such as PeopleCert, HelpDesk Institute Inc. Etc.
Testing and certification services are offered in various forms (either electronically or in paper format).
Consulting and its partner consultants offer a wide range of consulting services at various levels of the business. The core areas of consulting are:
•    Business analytics, BPMN,
•    ITIL, ITSM and Customer Support,
•    Corporate Security, Information security and compliance,
•    Cloud Solutions and Services, Big Data, IoT,
•    IT Governance and Control
•    Computer and Communication Engineering

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