Alenka Glas

Certified Lead Auditor for Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) since 2007.

As a speaker, trainer and consultant she delivered many successful conference sessions, trainings and projects.


During all of professional career, she was managing different support teams, departments and various project management teams.


Alenka professional career started in the middle of 80's in financial sector and at the beginning of 90’s she joined credit card department, new customer service in Slovenian banks. From the beginning she was involved in credit card fraud prevention, particularly in the area of developing a methodology for card fraud early detection and prevention. At the end of 90's this was upgraded with detection and fraud prevention for all information in company systems.


During this time, she was closely involved in major projects, such as platforms replacement of the card system. She had to manage different areas like regulatory compliance, provision of quality service to end users and appropriate security of business processes.


At the turn of millennium, she started with systematic approach to information security, initially in accordance with card systems (MasterCard and Visa) guidelines and requirements and very quickly with other international good practices. Alenka has managed one of the first projects to establish information security management system (ISMS) in Slovenia according international standard BS 7799.


At the same time, she also managed quality management system, help to establish an internal audit service and was actively involved in the operation of interest groups, primarily through the Bank Association of Slovenia and MasterCard.


After a few years of experience, she has decided to pursue a career in consultancy. She joined the consulting company where, in addition to the implementation of many projects for clients, had the opportunity to participate in the development of new and specific information security management approaches.


During this period Alenka focused important attention on business continuity, which remains her most essential activity.


On business continuity she remained focused on informing users about the importance of key business processes continuity in the event of a critical situation. At the same time, she developed her own operational risk approach.


Recently Alenka interest focuses on the identification and provision of individual privacy, including privacy in private life and at work. She is trying to combine their experience in the area of information security and her interest and knowledge of human rights.


From February 2016, Alenka works as a Senior information security consultant at Pro.astec.


Her areas of expertise are:

Management systems: Information Security Management System (ISMS) and Business Continuity Management System (BCMS), Quality Management System (QMS)

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